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Show Equipment for Sale

     Roberts Show Hitch Wagon
             -with poles and hardware to drive up to 8 up
             -with extra wagon pole

     Roberts Show Cart

     2001 S&S Enclosed Cargo Trailer
             -set up to haul it all

     Hitch wagon and cart are 7 years old and used in 4 shows per year

     $15,000 package deal


Horses for Sale

Illusion Farms Last Tango        #23278-S                $7,500

17' 3 hands - 3 whites and a blaze
Regional Reserve Shire Stallion
Broke to drive

Lazy S Ace's Dolly        #24265-M         DOB:  3-25-07        $6,000

17'3 1/2 hands - 3 white socks and a blaze
She is bred to Tango for spring 2017 baby
She is broke to the spreader and the wagon. Slow and easy going